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Lifelong Learning. Make It Your Own.

Our philosophy of learning applies to every student, from the Ivy League bound to those striving to pass a General Education Development (GED) or high school equivalency exam. We are known for our customized study programs that respect the unique learning style of every student.

We recognize that individuals with ADHD, language-based learning disabilities and other academic challenges require specialized strategies and techniques to become better learners. Past failures and insecurities become obstacles to success if not addressed.

At OnPoint, we can help you gain a better understanding of your own capabilities and promote honest self-reporting. These are the tools you need to succeed in school and in life. Our LD program:

  • Builds confidence by focusing on every student’s strengths and unique talents
  • Nurtures positive study habits and consistent performance reviews
  • Shares proven test-taking skills and college preparatory instruction
  • Encourages the ongoing support of family, friends and other educators

I see students who were once afraid to raise their hand in class become more confident and self-assured as they gain new problem-solving skills and strategies.

—Norman Zboray

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