Learning Philosophy

Everyone has the ability to learn. Yet everyone learns differently.

I have worked with many types of students—from those with learning differences to those who were Ivy League bound. I have learned that all students are different. I have developed a process that helps each individual become a better learner.

One of the first students I mentored was looking for a directed learning program due to his severe dyslexia. Finding the right school for this young man was a tough process. What I soon discovered is that not all directed programs are tailored to meet individual needs and goals.

I worked with he and his parents as a team to find the perfect school. He ultimately selected Curry College, where he graduated in four years. He continued his education and earned a Master of Business Administration degree a few years later. Today he is the president of a business in New York City.

Over the years I have discovered that most students, regardless of learning styles and differences, are seeking a more dynamic approach to the college selection process.

Many will come to me looking for help with test prep and essay writing, but ultimately what they want is advice and guidance on the process.

College selection and the financial aid processes continue to increase in complexity. Many students, parents and teachers are overwhelmed by all the information that they are receiving from friends, family and the Internet.

The numerous ranking systems and college lists provided by magazines and college guidebooks have only contributed to the confusion. With my experience, I can help the student and his or her family sort through the vast amount of information about colleges and guide them through the application and financial aid processes.

Norman Zboray, Founder of OnPoint.