About Norman Zboray

About Norman Zboray

Norman Zboray, founder of OnPoint, started his career as a math and science tutor after spending 15 years working in industry. He discovered his career path while helping out a single student who was struggling with an advanced math class. Norman made such a difference in that child’s life that he was driven to fine-tune his unique process for learning and share it with others.

A graduate of the New Jersey Institute of Technology, Norman believes that every student can become a better learner—more able, confident and successful.

Norman Zboray found his own career path rather fortuitously. A student whom his wife was teaching was having difficulty in an advanced math class. During a conference, his wife suggested that the student’s parent give him a call.

He had a quantitative background and a love for math and science. His first tutoring student showed steady improvement over the quarter and received a “B” in the class. The student was excited by her success and credited it to her work with Norman. More students began to inquire about working with him to improve their performance in math, science, and SAT and ACT test preparation.

Norman was inspired by the collaboration and progression.

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I felt like I was learning something along with the students about the process of learning and test taking.

—Norman Zboray