What Success Sounds Like

A higher SAT score. Acceptance to a first-choice school. An academic scholarship. These are the traditional benchmarks for success during the college admission process. Yet it’s often the intangibles that make the greatest difference in a student’s life. Here’s what parents and students are saying about Norman Zboray and OnPoint.

My SAT score went up 240 points after tutoring with OnPoint! Then my tutor, Mr. Norman Zboray, worked with me to create a list of colleges I would apply to, and helped me write my application essays. One of the schools he recommended for me, a college that I would have never considered myself, turned out to be my first-choice school, and with Mr. Zboray’s help, I have been accepted early decision. He guided me through the process from college prep all the way through college acceptance. My future has never looked so bright. Thank you, OnPoint. I couldn’t have done this without you.


We initially hired Norman Zboray as an SAT tutor, yet he turned out to be so much more. Norman is an extremely effective tutor, an inspiring college coach and a trusted adviser. In just a few sessions, Norman was able to pinpoint my son’s needs and come up with a personalized tutoring plan that helped dramatically increase his SAT scores. Soon after, we turned to Norman again for help in navigating through the college application process. We found that Norman’s college application prep went far beyond editing an essay. He offered invaluable recommendations on how to find the best fit for our son academically, socially and financially. Norman’s comfortable rapport with his students and spot-on advice for parents make him a unique college prep consultant.


Norman Zboray tutored both of my sons for SAT prep. We had tried other avenues, but their scores were still on the low side. After only a few sessions, both my boys were feeling more confident and had a better understanding of the test. Each boy’s score went up after receiving tutoring from Norman. I recommended Norman to several of my friends, who all used him and all had the same results! Best of all, the boys never minded going to tutoring as Norman knows how to relate to the kids and tries to make the process as easy and stress-free as possible!


My daughter, who just completed the sixth grade, has always struggled in Math. We tried a nationally known math tutoring program for about a year, and did not receive the results for which we hoped. In less than three months, meeting with Mr. Zboray once a week, she has developed more confidence in her work. Her test and quiz scores are better, and the ‘homework battles’ are fewer.